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 The Grading System

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PostSubject: The Grading System   Sat Mar 09, 2013 10:48 am

The Grading System

So, you want to know how powerful your character is. You want to know if your allowed to use that Bankai you have written so much for. Well, we decide who can do what and how powerful everyone is via a Grading system.The following list show what sort of power level the grades are at so you can get an idea of how powerful a character might be with a majority of these grades.

N - Powerless
C - Vice Captain level

A - Captain Level

SS - Organisation leaders
SSS - Spirit King

Power Grades: Every character has a series of categories that make up their overall power. This is how we calculate exactly what grade each and every character is. After an application is moderated, we figure out what the characters are best at and grant them grades accordingly among 9 different categories. These are grouped into three more categories as seen below:

Characters that focus on their Physical Power tend to become the bigger and meaner looking characters in the Bleach universe. They rely on their brute force to win, and can stand their ground through even the most powerful of attacks. Some are very fast on their toes and can throw a skull shattering punch before you can blink, but they falter when it comes to reasoning and logic. Many characters with high Physical power also have a high Ability power to maximise their damage.

Strength: This stat determines how powerful a character is physically. High strength allows a character to swing weapons harder, hold things for longer and exert bursts of physical power to overcome the odds.

Constitution: This stat determines the endurance and health of a character. High constitution allows a character to be beaten senseless and keep fighting with their physical power keeping them from falling. They can also handle poisons and diseases for longer and push themselves further allowing them to do more actions in longer amounts of time.

Movement: This stat determines a characters most frequently used speed. A high movement stat allows the user to use high speed abilities without faltering.
Physical Power Focus characters: Kenpachi Zaraki, Sajin Komamura, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques

Character that focus on their Mental power tend to give up their physical mass for traps and illusions. A character with a high mental power are the smarter and more logical fighters that use their words and intelligence to bypass a fight. However, some also use mind tricks and brainwashing to control their enemies but are usually vulnerable to high amounts of damage due to their lack of Physical Power. Many characters with high mental power also have high Ability power to keep their targets captivated in their mind tricks.

Willpower: This stat determines how strong the mind is for a character. A high willpower stat allows a character to break from illusions earlier, shield their senses against attack and use their mind to figure out the answer to equations and puzzles.

Charisma: This stat determines the characters methods of getting what they want. A high charisma makes it easier to persuade, trick and lie to other characters. Charismatic characters tend to be good at instructing, teaching, leading and bartering as well as solving disputes without the need of violence.

Intelligence: This stat determines the general amount of common sense a character has as how well they learn. This also affects the characters ability to notice things others may not. A high intelligence allows the character to remember more things and also raises their perception to notice things more easily.
Mental Power Focus Characters: Aizen Sosuke, Shukuro Tsukishima, Uryu ishida

All characters want a taste of the power that comes from mastering their abilities as it is what separates everyone from powerless humans. The more of it they have, the stronger their abilities become. It doesn't matter whether a character has high Mental or Physical power as Ability power goes well with any type of character imaginable.

Reitsu Capability: This stat determines how much reitsu the character can handle before collapsing. It is also an indication of how much reitsu the character has. A high reitsu capability allows the user to use more abilities before growing tired and also how much pressure they can exert.

Reitsu Usage: This stat determines how powerful a characters abilities are. A high reitsu usage allows the user to create bigger, more devastating attacks through their abilities. This also includes Arrancar regeneration and other healing abilities.

Reitsu Deduction: This stat determines how well you can notice reitsu and reitsu based spirits such as the recently deceased, hollows and shinigami. This also allows the user to notice incoming attacks and to estimate how strong another character is without any abilities needing to be cast.
Ability Power Focus Characters: Ichigo Kurosaki, Uluqiorra Cifer, Coyote Starrk

Calculating your Grade: This isn't as difficult as you might think. We check everything about your character including their personality, history, powers and forms when we moderate applications. If you tend to put more emphasis on certain Grade types then chances are it will have a higher grade. Overall, it is up to the staff member checking your application what you get in the end.

Increasing your Grade:  Characters always evolve and grow more powerful as they fight, interact with others and bear witness to events that push them beyond their limits. As you roleplay on the forum, you may feel that your character deserves to improve their grades. 

To do this, go find the Upgrade board and fill out the template there. Remember though, you will need to train in the right ways to get the grade you want. For example, training your body could increase parts of your physical power grade. Learning about things could increase your mental Power grade and utilising your abilities could increase your Ability power Grade. The more you do, the more you can grow. 

Remember that when you are approved for a Grade increase, you select which Grade stat you want to boost. This will increase that stat for every one of your forms unless you specify that you do not want it affecting certain forms.

Do not expect that because you have done 100 fight threads that you will be granted an upgrade though. All because you can swing a sword a lot doesn't necessarily prove that you have learned anything from it. Do something unexpected. Push your character and show that you want them to become more powerful, smarter and quicker.

Personal Estimated Grades: You may see a template that allows you to estimate your own characters grades. Do not take this lightly. Any fooling around will liken the chances we deny the character. This is here so you can show us how you would like your grades organised. Depending on where you put the grades, we can see what you were aiming for and can grade it properly when it is moderated. However, do not expect to ever get the grades you estimate. These are merely guidelines and member insight on the character. Staff decide the final result.

Multiple character grade Sheets: When we grade a character, we provide sheets for each form that you have given to the character. This means, not only does the character get a sealed state sheet, but they are also given Grades for each and every form after that. Whenever you change form, refer to your next Grades.
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The Grading System
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