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 General Store

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PostSubject: General Store   Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:28 am

The General Store

Here at the General Store, we sell all things site related. Take a look down the list, start up a request thread on this board and start buying!

2 Week Reserve Ticket: 100c
Need to reserve a face claim? Buy this, tell us what claim you want to reserve and we will put it on the list for you. Expires 2 weeks after use.

UP-Grade: 200c
Want to boost one of your characters grades a little? Buy this, tell us which character, tell us which stat and we will bump it up a grade! Sadly, this doesn't work once you get a stat to C grade.

Additional Form Ticket: 200c
Want more forms for your character? Buy this ticket and link the thread to prove you bought it to your character app so that you can have another form!

Ultimate Booster: 250c
Need more ultimate in your bar? Buy this for an instant 25 added directly into the bar. Any points that go over 100 will not be refunded and will be wasted.

1 Month Reserve Ticket: 250c
Need to reserve a face claim for a while? Buy this, tell us what claim you want to reserve and we will put it on the list for you. Expires on the same day the following month after use.

Sidebar Announcement: 250c
Want something on the sidebar to advertise a thread you are in? Buy this, talk to the Head admin and so long as its clean and acceptable, we can put up pretty much any announcement so long as it doesn't grief other members.

Additional Character Slot: 300c
Got 10 characters? Want more? Buy this for an extra character slot. Make sure you always have proof of purchase!

Colourized Username: 500c
Want to change the usual dull colour of your username? Then buy this and ask a staff member to apply the change! Let them know which colour you want too!

Group Advertisement: 500c
Made a group and want them on the sidebar? Purchase this and redeem it so we can add it for everyone to see!

Custom Title: 500c
Ever felt that the title of 'Member' just doesn't reflect the real you? Well we understand. Buy this, give us a title and we will grant it to you!

Personal Location: 2000c
Ever wanted a board with your name on it? Ever wanted to let everyone know that the place they have been walking past is actually something you added? Buy this item, and we will allow you to create your own board, complete with description and title.

Ressurection Charm: 3000c
An 'In Character' item found deep underground. The Ressurection Charm allows you to bring back ANY character that has previously died. This includes dead canon characters, characters of yours that have died and also characters of others. You do need the owners permission to do this however.
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General Store
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