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 The Ultimate

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PostSubject: The Ultimate   Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:59 am

The Ultimate

What the hell is the ultimate bar you've found? It's an incentive really. Whenever you do things around the site, you may find ways to be rewarded or purchase points to go into your Ultimate Bar. Once that bar hits 100, be prepared for something awesome.

How do I use it?

The Ultimate, is a section of your application where you specify an ultimate ability that can only be used when the bar is full. Find the thread you want to use it in, ask a staff member to approve its usage (we will reduce your bar back to 0 if approved) and then you can freely use that ultimate ability. A staff member will post in the thread indicating the approved usage of the ability.

How limited am I?:

Good question. Your Ultimate ability still needs to actually scale to your characters grades and bump up by one depending on the circumstances. Meaning, if your Ultimate is from a character awarded an A Grade, their Ultimate attack will be around as powerful as an S grade characters abilities.

Can we have an example?:

A newly made up character 'Zokoto Tsuki' is Grade B. He is a shinigami that has learned Bankai recently and is well trained in using his twin claw Zanpakuto. The member owning him has 100 points in his Ultimate Bar and decides to use it on his opponent in a fight thread where he must stop an Arrancar from destroying his house. The attack is approved, and this is what Zokoto can do:

Quote :

Zokoto raises his twin claws above his head, charging the reitsu around them as he readies his ultimate attack. A frightening grin cracks across his face as his rietsu become visible, churning around his body like a flaming blue vortex. Suddenly, the flames shoot up into the air, forming a sort of giant claw mimicking the ones strapped to his wrists.

"THIS IS MY STRONGEST ABILITY! PREPARE TO DIE!" Zokoto screeches as he swoops his arms down towards his enemy. The flaming claw above him, the size of a double decker bus, comes crashing down, smashing into the earth in front of him and shattering over lookers ear drums from the force of the collision. this would be enough to render anyone vulnerable, especially Zokoto as this tires him immensely.

Where can I use my Ultimate?

Firstly, Ultimates can be used in most threads as long as they are approved. Some events however may limit its usage.

Why might my request to use an ultimate be denied?

Well first of all if you have anything other than 100 points you will be denied right away. Secondly, if you plan to use this attack to kill someone, we will most likely not allow it unless the person taking the hit is willing to let their character die. If they are not willing, and their character is close to death and you request to use it, chances are we will say no. Ultimates are less of a finisher, and more of a wounding force.
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The Ultimate
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