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 A Ghost of the Past

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PostSubject: A Ghost of the Past   Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:24 pm

HI! I'm Kimmi! My past is just that, a past. Its like any other person in the world's and I'd rather not speak on it. If I come across as strict or an ass, my apologies to you. I don't mean to come off as an ass or do I mean to be strict. I've become rather closed off since my time of leaving RP only to return here recently to the scene officially.

Normally, I open up to other rather swiftly and can become you friend instantly if you don't mind a buddy buddy person. I am also the owner of my own Bleach RP, and I'll leave that for another time as I feel that I've given up on it. I pray you all stay safe,m and do not trust me until you're ready to accept that I am a strange one like everyone else. But do let me know if I cross a line with you personally.

I have days where I'm very irritated like anyone else and I will not tolerate anyone or anything. The life style I hold poses problems as well, but I tend to avoid them easy these days. I do not post often, nor am I a good RPer. I've come to realize I'm rather terrible and would like to improve upon what I've done. Chaozi, is someone I've known for some time, but to say I have leniency is far and beyond anything she has for me in the opposite direction. This isn't a good thing, mind you.

Overall, without the past, I am decent. But not always. I think I rambled again, but who can tell these days.

I'm Major Jin Kisaragi. Glad to make your acquaintance.

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A Ghost of the Past
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