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 Ella Beldrith [spiritual human, finished]

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PostSubject: Ella Beldrith [spiritual human, finished]   Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:40 pm


Name: Ella Beldrith
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student

Physical Appearance: Ella seems slightly short for her age, only reaching 4 feet 10 inches in height. Her body is slim, and though her muscles aren't very visible, they are extremely powerful. Her breasts seems about average for here age, her feminine curves slightly more defined, but not by much. The black hair upon her head is spiky, though it does not look like she had intended it to be. It looks more like it just naturally grows that way, though it doesn't look messy at all. Brown eyes peek out from her beautiful face, while one might think she must spend a lot of time putting on make up every day, she doesn't. Her face naturally looks like that, no need to put on make up when your face looks as good as someone who had a professional make up job.

Clothing: Ella has two different sets clothes she usually wears. One is her martial art gi, which she wears when she is in areas of relative privacy, or she knows she will have to fight with someone, like a duel or something. Other then that she has a set of casual clothes which she wears when she goes to school or otherwise has to socialize.

Her martial arts gi is different from those of her ancestors, this is her way of showing off her individuality. Across her chest a sleeveless vest black like top pieces goes over a dark red tee that covers the rest of her chest, and has sleeves that goes about half way down her upper arms. Her belt is the same blood red as her tee shirt, the pants the same black color of the vest like piece. Both the pants and vest piece as fairly loose, it looks like they are made for mobility mostly.

On casual days, things usually depend on the weather, though she has one preferred outfit, which fits warmer weather more. With this outfit she wears a orange colored tee shirt with fairly short sleeves. In additions she wears a pair of jeans shorts which come down maybe an inch or two past her crotch area, revealing beautifully slim and perfectly shaped legs.

Personality: Ella's most obvious quality is her protectiveness of her friends. She will do anything necessary to protect them, even if it means killing a human being. If you don't try to get on her bad side however, she is extremely friendly and caring, traits that draw towards her those that have trouble with bullies and just things they need someone to talk to in general. Ella is a born and bred fighter though, and will never turn down a challenge for a fight. This can lead to her taking on opponents she has no chance of winning against, despite it being extremely obvious the difference in their strength. On an average day, Ella seems like a goofy, energetic teenage girl. She does this mostly because she feels the need to let out all the energy she would otherwise let out while training or fighting.

Spiritual Powers: Alright, before we dive in to the powers, I want to mention that Ki is just the name that the people who use these techniques have given to Reitsu. In other words, Ki = Reitsu, it's just a different name for it.

Ki Martial Arts: A form of martial arts practiced by the saiyan and their descendant, along with a few others that they have taught along the way. It combines movements for a variety of martial arts traditions, along with the use of 'Ki', the energy from within a person. This energy is used in a multitude of ways, from Ki blasts to flying, and other moves. Most people eventually find a unique way to use this energy, but almost all practitioners learn to perform Ki blasts, Ki beams, and a unique movement technique which allows them to not only fly, but move at extremely enhanced speeds.

Ki Blast: A ki blast is a move where a large amount of ki is gathered together and then fired towards an opponent. Compared to ki beams they are rather large and slower moving, however they are much more powerful. The average dimensions for a Ki blast range from as thick as two fists for a very weak user to as thick as the torso of an extremely strong user.

Ki Beam: A ki beam differs when compared to a Ki blast in it's basic principle. Where a Ki blast is more akin to someone slamming you with a humongous sledgehammer, a Ki beam is more like someone shoving a spear through your chest. In addition, they are less powerful, usually range between half as powerful and a quarter as powerful. However they are definitely faster, ranging from 1.5x to 2x as fast as a Ki blast from the same user. However, a Ki beam will actually pierce through flesh, a Ki blast has to crush a target unless the target is larger then the Ki blast. In average dimensions, a Ki beam is usually no thicker then a single finger.

Ki Leap: A technique which has dual application, the first is how it was originally used, and that is in order to fly. This was done by projecting one's ki downward, and forming it in to a platform beneath them. This platform would then lift up, carrying themselves on an invisible platform. The other use is akin to the shinigami flash step, the platform is made with trampoline like properties that give the user a huge boost in speed when they push off of the platform, causing them to seemingly vanish with their movements.

Soft hand style: A ki martial arts style developed specifically by Ella, this is rather different then the styles of most other Ki martial arts users. While most have gone for using huge masses of Ki at once, Ella has made sure to have an extremely fine control of her Ki. This allows her to use techniques that require this very fine precision. However, it means she can not use as much of her energy reserves in a single attack. However, due to having larger energy reserves then most, she does not worry about this.

Soft hand, Ki point: With this technique, Ella injects her ki in to an enemy as she pokes them with two fingers. This causes it to be harder for the enemy to move parts of their body around the area she poked and their energy attacks, if any, become slightly weaker. This is due to her energy disrupting the usual flow of energy within their body. This effect disappears after two posts.

Saiyan Legacy: Ella is a descendant of the legendary saiyan warriors that came to this planet, or so the legend says, and took refuge here, marrying human wives. It has been many generations since the full blooded saiyans, and as such there is very little chance of one of the current generation to have a tail at birth, and even less likely to be able to manifest the super saiyan form. However, it is said that those who were born with a tail, like Ella was, are extremely more likely to be able to manifest the super saiyan form, and that only they have the possibility of manifesting the super saiyan 2 form.

Form Name: Super Saiyan
Appearance: While the super saiyan form is active, Ella's hair turns blonde, and she is surrounded by a yellow aura.
Release Action: Her release action is completely mental, and all she has to do is call up a memory that is somewhat painful for her and wish for the form to activate. When she does a column of deep yellow energy will surround her, then calm down and disappear after a few seconds, revealing her super saiyan form.
Powers: super saiyan, in its most basic form, just boosts ones physical and Ki based combat abilities. After the original releasing of super saiyan form, it always appears in this most basic form. However, with training one can shape their super saiyan form, gaining unique powers when they enter it. Ella has not trained her super saiyan form yet though. In addition, some people are boosted in certain areas, while not in others. This seems to be unique to every person, and even happens while they only have the basic form. Ella's super saiyan form boosts her Strength, Movement, and Reitsu Capabilities.

Form Name: Super Saiyan 2
Release Action:

"Hundreds of years ago, a young alien landed on earth. His name was Goku, and he was from a mighty warrior race called the saiyans that had tails just like yours. Their home had been destroyed, and as such Goku took shelter on earth. He became the planet's protector, and he married a human girl. Soon he convinced another of the saiyans to take up residence on earth and protect it. They defeated numerous immensely powerful enemies who would have destroyed the earth if not for them. For generations, their descendants have protected the earth from all that threaten it, passing down this story and the origin of their powers to their children. And now I too shall pass it down to you Ella, you are a descendant of Goku, the legend himself."

When Ella was first told this legend by her father, she was five years old. Back then she still had the tail she was born with, a monkey like tail. She had been teased a lot by others around her because of it, and her father had told her it when she came home, crying due to the teasing. From that day on, she trained in martial arts with her father, learning not only to use her physical body, but also her ki, the energy within her. It was hard work, but Ella enjoyed it, in fact she loved it. Her skills improved quickly, but when she turned seven she had to stop for a while.

She was about to enter the public school system, and therefore needed to remove her tail. There was another reason to remove her tail, which her grandfather did not tell her, the fact that if she saw the moon and had the tail she would become a raging beast, one that no one could control. However, Ella did not want her tail to be removed, to her it was a link to the legendary Goku her father had told her about, and she wanted to keep it forever. Despite this her parents took her to the hospital and had the tail removed, having her put to sleep before hand. When she came to she was overcome with grief, frustration, and anger. Amid all of this, something within her triggered. Her hair turned bright red as a reddish aura surrounded her, she had unlocked the ability to transform in to a super saiyan. After waiting a week like the doctor said they should, her father resumed her training, pushing her harder then before. He himself had been born without a tail and had been unable to gain the ability to transform in to a super saiyan. He wished to make his daughter as strong as possible, giving her the strength she deserved. Ella took these lessons in stride, pushing herself to her limits again and again, getting stronger then even her father could have thought.

When Ella turned 12, her family decided to move to move to karakura town. There she was delayed from graduating middle school and entering high school due to the time she had missed while helping her parents pack and unpack during the move. She didn't complain though, she was more then happy to help her parents. Besides, she had been having a hard time with the class work ever since 7th grade, the extra year gave her time to work through the troubles she was having. She made friends with a good number of her class mates, her cheerful and friendly attitude making many feel safe around her. She always tried to help people with their problems, feeling it was her duty as the descendant of Goku. Whether the legend was true or not, she didn't care, she would make Goku proud.

Grade: Once you have been given character grades, you can paste them into here.

Face Claims: Repeat as necessary
Dragon Ball Z - Son Goten (gender bent pic) - NekoTina - Ella Beldrith
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PostSubject: Re: Ella Beldrith [spiritual human, finished]   Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:36 am

Alright, so here are my estimated grades. Just to make sure everyone understands, I am using C to represent something my character is average at, and going higher means they are better at, while going lower means that is a weakness for them.

Estimated Grades

Physical Power
Strength: B
Constitution: C
Movement: B

Mental Power
Willpower: C
Charisma: D
Intelligence: E

Ability Power
Reitsu Capability: B
Reitsu usage: B
Reitsu Deduction: C
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PostSubject: Re: Ella Beldrith [spiritual human, finished]   Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:48 am

Application Checklist

The above application has:

  • General information that is filled out and accurate
  • An Appearance and clothing that totals at least 10 lines
  • Personality that is at least 5 lines long
  • Racial Abilities
  • Powers that are fair and not overpowered
  • Any equipment that is fair, not overpowered and realistically obtained
  • A History that is at least 3 paragraphs long and makes sense to canon Bleach
  • Face claims that are available and not used by another character

Approved? Yes


Physical Power
Strength: D
Constitution: D
Movement: D

Mental Power
Willpower: C
Charisma: D
Intelligence: E

Ability Power
Reitsu Capability: C
Reitsu usage: C
Reitsu Deduction: D


Physical Power
Strength: C
Constitution: D
Movement: C

Mental Power
Willpower: C
Charisma: D
Intelligence: E

Ability Power
Reitsu Capability: C
Reitsu usage: C
Reitsu Deduction: D
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PostSubject: Re: Ella Beldrith [spiritual human, finished]   

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Ella Beldrith [spiritual human, finished]
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