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 Mockingbird [Quincy, Finished]

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PostSubject: Mockingbird [Quincy, Finished]   Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:57 am


Name: Toto Sakigami
Alias: Mockingbird
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Occupation: Professional Psychopath
Organization: Nothing at the moment.
Ethnicity: Japanese Native
Languages Spoken: Japanese, English, some French (from time spent at the Île de Gorée )
D.O.B: January 1st, 2081
Zodiac: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB Positive

Physical Appearance:
Mockingbird is an odd duck. Standing at 5'10" and weighing in at around 148 lbs, he's a tall and thin example of what happens when food isn't really a necessity for you. Mockingbird's turquoise hair and yellow eyes raise many an eyebrow. Along with this, his serpentine facial features and multiple scars on his back and thighs can give people the uneasy feeling that he isn't quite human under his skin. It doesn't help, either, that he tends to look at people like they're fresh meat.


Mockingbird tends to wear the same thing all the time, regardless of where he is or what he's doing. From the bottom up, he wears no shoes, knee-length white shorts, a gold belt with an amethyst gem on the front, and a white top with black trim that sort of resembles a captain's haori, although it connects in the front, right in front of the chest in the center of the rib cage, exposing his upper chest and stomach. On this connecting-cloth there is a golden circle of metal.


At a first glance, Toto might seem like, in essence, a silly kid. He has a generally goofy attitude, freely showing his enjoyment of games and puzzles, as well as his immaturity and slight naivety when it comes to adult concepts and how the world around him really works. He also has a child-like sense of competition, hating to lose with everything he has, and accusing anyone who gets an advantage on him of cheating, even going as far as throwing a "fit" of sorts whenever he does lose; using words like "not fair" and "do over". He has an almost unhealthy obsession with nursery rhymes, which can be seen as unnerving.

Underneath the surface layer of childhood immaturity, a whole new type of unstable can be seen coming to light. Toto's view on life is a bleak one. He sees the world as a game, with death as the ultimate prize, and the final solution to all of his problems. However, you cannot have a game of Life with only one player, and Toto sees the entirety of humanity as his opponent, believing that if he manages to wipe out all of his competition, he will be granted his wish, and he will find Death. Because of this belief, Mockingbird kills viciously and ruthlessly, murdering anyone who he even remotely perceives as a threat. Cut him off in line, you die. Step on his foot, you die. Look at him funny, you die. There's no rhyme or pattern to his killings, he simply wants everyone dead, and is just waiting for the right times to execute this desire.

His murderous intent bleeds over into a sense of god-like power over his victims, as he tends to maim and dismember the corpses of his victims, cutting and ripping limbs off and using them for other acts of desecration, such as using a severed arm to give himself a high-five, or using a bashed-in head as a soccer ball. His fascination with nursery rhymes can also be seen in these behaviors, as several lines from classic nursery rhymes have been found written in blood near the bodies of his victims.

Just as he has no respect for the bodies of those he kills, he also has no respect for his own person. Toto will gladly step into the range of an attack, and take hits that seem fatal, just for the enjoyment of the pain, and the delusional glee he feels from seeing his own blood, oftentimes going out of his way during the fight to taste it and make sure it's his, to feel that ecstasy for a bit longer. The sight, smell, and taste of his own blood seems to set off something else in him, motivating him to fight harder, faster, more viciously, all in the pursuit of seeing more of his own lifeblood slipping away.

Toto hasn't always been like this though. At one point in his life, Toto was actually a rather caring kid. He did what he was told, he was top of his class, he was never in trouble for anything, he was quiet and compassionate and helped out anyone who might ask or look like they needed him. However, an unfortunate incident in his pre-teens changed him, morphed him, made him into a monster... Since then, he hasn't been anything but completely insane, his life and mind warped and twisted until it was unrecognizable.

Toto also has a slight obsession with those who are stronger than him, seeing them as the "ultimate trophies", as beating them becomes more of a challenge, and provides more injury to his own person..

Quincy Racial Abilities:

Reishi Absorption: As a Quincy, Toto primarily absorbs spiritual energy from the atmosphere, combining it with his own spiritual energy to form weapons. He has an easier time collecting this energy in environments with higher concentrations of spiritual particles, such as Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. To a sufficiently powerful Quincy, there is no difference between spiritual particles and spiritual energy as a source of power. He can manipulate spiritual energy for offensive purposes.

Master Archer: When a Quincy becomes more skilled using their Bow, they gain more power and precision with their arrows. This is similar to how a marksman gains skill and hits the target more frequently. Toto has greatly increased his power and skill throughout his trials and tribulations, and is a prime example of this growth. He has great accuracy, able to fire two arrows at the same time in two separate directions, killing their targets (Hollows) instantly, one-handed. On top of this, Toto's maximum arrow count for any one firing session is 3000, reaching the upper limits of possibility for one as frail and young as Toto is.

Path Control: Toto is able to curve his arrows' path after firing them, effectively making miniature heat-seeking missiles, but instead of locking on to heat, they target whatever enemy they have. It is unknown how long Toto can control the arrow's path, or if there is a limit to how many can be under his control. So far, he has only fired 3 simultaneously using this method, and has only sent them roughly 50 feet.

Negation of Attacks: Toto can fire his arrows with pinpoint precision to the point where they negate another attack (energy or ranged/projectile) on impact. To do this, he charges the arrows with a sufficient amount of power and fires them to strike an incoming projectile. However, this can only work to a point, and won't work above a Gran Rey Cero.

High Spiritual Power: Toto has displayed a high amount of spiritual energy. He has obviously mastered the Quincy ability of Reiryoku absorption, taking in spirit particles and spirit energy alike. This, on top of his own energy reserves, lends him plenty of strength in combat.

Expert Swordsman: Toto has been shown to be exceptional in the use of the Seele Schneider, using the quincy weapon to easily hold off many opponents at close range when the distance is closed. However, Toto's lack of strength means that he can only fight for so long, and he can't block the stronger melee attacks without a considerable amount of damage to his own person, so his skill with the sword is mostly used only to hold an enemy off until he can get to a farther distance away.

Hirenkyaku: The flash step of the Quincy, slightly faster than Shunpo of they are to be believed. Mockingbird is one of the fastest recorded users of this technique, being able to move from place to place fast enough that one might think he was teleporting.

Sprenger: This technique uses five Seele Schneider's to create a pentagon-shaped seal which, when activated, causes a massive explosion within its borders. When an object or a person stands within the middle of the Pentagon the placement of the fifth Seele Schneider can trap them by wrapping and binding their legs to the ground with dense spirit particles. The Seele Schneiders function as accumulators, gathering the necessary amount of spirit particles to create the explosion. The liquid inside a Gintō acts as the trigger. The preparations for the technique combined with the charging time for the Seele Schneiders make its use in battle impractical unless the user has a partner that can stall to buy time, or has enough strength to create the formation while under attack.

Arrow Ricochet: Toto can ricochet individual shots off of walls to shoot around corners, make the direction of his attacks unpredictable, and change the direction of his shots while in flight.

Licht Regen (光の雨 (リヒト・レーゲン), Rihito Rēgen; German/Dutch for "Light Rain", Japanese for "Rain of Light"): A large amount of Reiryoku is gathered at Toto's left shoulder. He then fires a volley of his full 3000 count of arrows at a target. Mockingbird, over the years, has increased the lethality of this attack considerably by having each arrow overload with the surrounding reishi just before impact, turning each arrow into a land-mine of sorts, each "mine" carrying a cero's wallop.

Quincy Tools:

Croix de Sang (lit. "Cross of Blood"): Toto's Quincy cross is a tad unorthodox. Around his neck, Toto wears a wooden pendant, on that pendant is carved a standard cross, with one difference. The end of each "branch" of the cross is twisted horribly into what appears to be a screw., each screw carved to appear as if it's drenched in blood. This quincy cross was given to him by his father, who's father gave it to him, and so on, but when Toto acquired it, he made sure he would be the only one to use it, binding it to his own blood. In fact, the only way Mockingbird can use his cross is to actually splash his own blood on the pendant itself.


Mockingbird only carries three to six silver tubes with him, usually, but under his uniform he can have up to 20 Seele Schneiders at any given time.

Spirit Weapon:

Toto's spiritual weapon is, in essence, the ultimate in deadly accuracy. Take the base of a compound crossbow, and add a scope onto it, hyper-charge the shots with spiritual energy, and you have a weapon that can hit a moving target in a vital area from almost a mile away. The shots it fires don't help this guise any, as Toto's spiritual weapon fires arrows that are as twisted as he is. From the center outward, each arrow twists as if it were put in a corkscrew, coming to a sharp and menacing point at the front, almost like a stake. On top of this, each individual arrow rapidly vibrates the individual reishi particles, not at a rate fast enough to shatter zanpakuto or anything, but at a rate fast enough to super-heat the arrows, giving them a melting and burning effect as well as their deadly strike.

Deadly Accuracy and Speed:

Without the Scope: Toto can easily land shots in vital areas of an opponent from across a battlefield, as long as they aren't in motion or in a process of dodging or blocking. While not using the scope, Toto's shots can fire at an incredible rate, able to blanket the air in front of him with shots from his crossbow as if it were a machine gun. Each individual shot carries the power that one would expect a quincy arrow to carry. The downside to this is the lack of power in each individual shot, and the fact that when firing at these speeds, the burning and melting effect of the arrows doesn't factor into the attacks, and neither does the corkscrew-motion, reducing the overall lethality of each shot greatly.

With the Scope: When using the scope on his crossbow, Toto's shots become an entirely different matter. While aiming down the sight, Toto can only take one shot every couple of seconds or so, not having anywhere near the firing speed of his no-scoped aiming, but each shot carries much more overall lethality than his arrows while not scoped. For starters, his range and accuracy are greatly increased. A mix of breath control and years of intense and sudden training have allowed Toto the luxury of being able to hit a running target in the heart from hundreds of feet away. Of course, the enemy has the option of blocking and dodging at all times, and could easily avoid this. However, if Toto DOES manage to get a direct hit, it has two immediate effects. The first being the initial damage, twice that of his normal no-scoped arrows, and the second being the damage done by burning and melting effects of the shots, along with the corkscrew-pattern of the arrows. Let's say that an enemy was standing in front of a metal wall, and Toto hit them in the shoulder. The arrow would not only hurt the enemy if it made contact, but if the enemy's defenses weren't developed enough, the heat and corkscrew motion of the arrow combined could cause the arrow to not only pierce the enemy's shoulder, but also the wall behind the enemy, the heat of the arrow welding the wall to itself almost instantly, creating a sort of spike on the wall that would also happen to be sticking out of the enemy.

Vollstandig Appearance:

Sang Règnes (lit. "Reign of Blood"): Toto wears a pair of white gloves with an intricate pentagram on the back of each. To activate his Vollständig, Toto raises his hands in a rectangle-like motion in front of one of his eyes, closing it and re-opening it to reveal a flash of blood-red in his iris as his entire body is shrouded in shadow, before an explosion of reishi occurs, and his Vollständig is revealed. His Vollständig gives him the appearance of a young Pharaoh, one could observe, with his egyptian-era clothes and regal appearance.


Vollständig Powers:

Enhanced Hirenkyaku: Toto's already impressive speed gets another step up, giving him an even further advantage when it comes to mobility on the field. At this point, His Hirenkyaku gains an almost Sonido-like quality to it, creating a burst of sound waves with each use. However, this burst is akin to a sonic boom, and is used primarily to disorient opponents, though it also shows JUST how fast Toto is going at this stage.

Increased Rate of Reishi Absorption: Toto's Vollständig comes with an increased "ammunition" supply, of sorts. Anything around him that's made up of reiatsu is his to break down and turn into its base form for use in his attacks. Whether it be the environment around him, buildings, or even other projectiles if they're weak enough. Stronger projectiles, such as a Gran Rey Cero, would break down slightly, but ultimately not much before making contact anyway, as Toto wouldn't be able to dissolve them fast enough.

Customized Blut: During Vollständig is the only time that Toto can use Blut, and for good reason. Mockingbird has his own, customized version of Blut, perfected over years of power development. To use it, Toto holds up his Pendant, placing a single drop of blood in the center of the cross, followed by a ginto tube on top of the blood. When he does this, his entire aura changes slightly, his usually light reiatsu replaced by a dark and sinister red as the reishi around him begins twisting and corkscrewing into Toto's bloodstream. When using his version of Blut, Toto's arrows all have the effect of his licht regen arrows, charging and exploding just before impact. As well as this, the speed of his arrows increases significantly, as does his offensive power in general, as this technique is the embodiment of Blut Arterie. His speed, attack strength, accuracy, etc, are all improved almost tenfold, but at a great cost. His defensive ability, as little as it already was, is drained to make this possible, leaving him in a weakened state, personally. It wouldn't take many hits in this state to eliminate him entirely.

Moqueur (lit. "Mockingbird"): Toto's coup de grâce is an ability that gave him his alias. If an attack, say.. a Cero, was imbued with a special property, whether that property be ice, fire, an explosive charge, dizziness, or what have you, and that attack were to hit Toto while he's bleeding, Toto has the ability to pull ONE property from that ability that hit him (Say if a Cero was Fire and Ice, Toto could pull fire OR ice from it, but not both). When he does this, Toto can use that property in the next arrow he fires, but ONLY in that arrow. He gets ONE shot per property he "mimics".


Toto Sakigami was born with life having dealt him a shit hand.

Born premature, Toto started life with a disadvantage to those around him, and this carried over into his later life too.

His parents were proud quincy, starting Toto's training at an extremely early age, but being as weak as he was, Toto could never live up to their expectations, never truly being strong enough to stand against their tests or fully grasp his Quincy abilities. He was eternally a disappointment to them. He didn't excel in school, he didn't excel in training, and he sure as hell didn't excel as a son. One could call Toto a troublemaker, for sure. He would often be seen vandalising things around him, or assaulting anyone who called him out on his scrawniness. No one expected this from him, as he was usually the quiet, under-spoken kid. But for some reason or another, Toto found it appalling that normal humans should get to mock him when he had quincy blood in him. He saw himself as above them, better than them, a God amongst them, and that was how, many believe, his murderous attitude started. But the people who think this.. never saw what he truly went through

It was Junior High, his Third Year, that he truly started to become the monster he is today. Toto and a group of fifty of his fellow classmates were kidnapped from their class, taken to the Île de Gorée, which was a popular destination for the pre-civil war Slave Trade, but had long since been abandoned. However, it was about to be used for a much more sinister purpose...

Given shock collars, a set of instructions, and weapons, Toto and the rest of his class were instructed to kill eachother until only one survivor remained. There was no way out, there were no truces or negotiations. You kill, or you die. Toto, while hesitant at first, became one of the competition's most vicious participants, using his hatred for those who've mocked him, and the quincy abilities he had been taught, to brutally and efficiently murder anyone he saw. But he couldn't murder everyone at once, and so the battle was drawn on. For years.

Four years, to be exact. That's how long Toto and the rest of his surviving classmates were trapped on that god-forsaken island. But it wasn't a nightmare for Toto anymore. It was a dream come true. In the wilds of the island, he could develop and train his quincy techniques and himself, spending a majority of the four years training himself to the peak of a Quincy's potential, making himself into the ultimate weapon for the Battle, having long discarded the sword he was supplied with at the beginning of the fight.

At the end of the fourth year, Toto took out his last opponent, the last of the class, and was crowned the winner. But he wasn't Toto Sakigami anymore. He had long since abandoned that name. The person he used to be was dead, never to return. How could he? After seeing and doing the things he did on that island? Instead, he adapted a new title. A title he had used for an ability he developed himself. The name of the only friendly animal that he found in the wild of the island. He adapted the name: Mockingbird.

Grade: Once you have been given character grades, you can paste them into here.

Face Claims: Repeat as necessary
Deadman Wonderland - Toto Sakigami (Mockingbird) - Avacyn - Mockingbird
MAGI: The Labyrinth of Magic -Ja'far - Avacyn - Mockingbird (Vollständig)
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PostSubject: Re: Mockingbird [Quincy, Finished]   Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:56 am

Application Checklist

The above application has:

  • General information that is filled out and accurate
  • An Appearance and clothing that totals at least 10 lines
  • Personality that is at least 5 lines long
  • Racial Abilities
  • Powers that are fair and not overpowered
  • Any equipment that is fair, not overpowered and realistically obtained
  • A History that is at least 3 paragraphs long and makes sense to canon Bleach
  • Face claims that are available and not used by another character


Physical Power
Strength: D
Constitution: D
Movement: C

Mental Power
Willpower: C
Charisma: D
Intelligence: C

Ability Power
Reitsu Capability: C
Reitsu usage: C
Reitsu Deduction: D

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Mockingbird [Quincy, Finished]
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