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 Saiyer(Hollow) {WIP}

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PostSubject: Saiyer(Hollow) {WIP}   Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:03 am

Name: Saiyer.
Age: 413 years old.
Gender: Male.
Organisation: N/A {Freelancing}

Physical Appearance:

Saiyer appears to be a unique blend of a monstrous nightmare and a samurai clad in white armor. He wears semi-heavy white armor and a muscular body suit with a large collar and the traditional hakama present, ballooning pants reminiscent of a samurai. His long silver hair is tied at the mane and stretches past his waist. All armored sections feature fully-functional crimson eyes with slit pupils. These eyes are not as much of an intimidation as much as the mask he wears; a completely white, two horned helmet with no features or visor, appearing to have no face at all.


Saiyer devotes his entire life to destroying the evils that corrupt the world, and wants to erase those he believes should not exist. He is a serious, no-nonsense sort who maintains a calm and collected presence, rarely letting things get to his head. However, he is also quite prideful and even arrogant sometimes, to the point of occasionally getting him into issues. He prefers to do things on his own, and hates to rely on others' assistance with anything. Despite being a powerful hollow, he is not without mercy, and even spared a few shinigami who mistook him for the common threat of an ordinary hollow.  

The only time he has ever dropped his calm and focused persona is during his fits of rage where he cannot seem to remember his past but the feint screaming of voices trying to corrupt what little is left of it. During his fits of rage, Saiyer can become quite hostile and if not given enough time to calm down, he can immediately go on a rampage.

Due to his ego, Saiyer often clashed with other Hollows and other races who are unfortunate enough to meet him. Over time, however, he has become much more focused on the more important matters, letting fate run its course with the other races and not interfering.

Hollow Powers:

Powerful Reiatsue
Saiyer possess absolutely monstrous spiritual power. His very presence can cause most creatures to lose their breath, as well as affecting others from seemingly miles away which may cause them to enter a state of paralysis and confusion. At full power his reiatsu can become so dense that it cloaks his body in a thick fog  which constantly shifts his outline and obscures the discerning features of the armor. His body glows bright black when at full strength, as his energy interacts with the object in his surroundings, changing their properties, such as concrete becoming softer as if it was nothing more than plastic and nearby fires grow dim and cool to the touch. It should be noted once his is  power fully released it creates an deep creator around him and strange weather phenomena.

Massive Strength
Saiyer's strength has reached  the point where it grants him a destructive touch, meaning that he has a tendancy to crush whatever object he may try to hold or grab this also applies to simply brushing across an object within his path. He can cause gaping wounds with a blocked punch, tearing skin and bones in the opponent's hand.This raw power, while at first seeming limited, has a great variety of uses. attacking,for example when he merely grabs an opponent's wrist he can nearly breaks their arm. He can also use it passively or to augment normal combat.

Superior Speed
Thanks to his tremendous raw power, Saiyer's leg strength allows him to perform up to speeds of a sonido, allowing him to move fast enough to instantly close a huge gap of space between him and the opponent and even seemingly disappear from sight. In battle he is able to strike with incredible speed in rapid succession, making it highly difficult for his opponents to find an opening and counterattack.

Abnormal Endurance
Perhaps Berserker most unique trait is his unnatural endurance, not only in terms of his mental threshold for pain, but in terms of his physical durability as well. He can take a near unbelievable number of attacks to bring him down. While it takes a lot to bring him down. It still possible to harm him.

An exoskeletal armor capable of receiving any attack without taking damage to itself, and protecting the hollow inside from most of the damage without harm. Bones can even nullify energy attack's upon impact, and has a high level of resistance to Kidō and Hollow abilities. Continued attacks will eventually wear down the armor over time. Energy attacks such as ceros will be nullified on impact, once they are fired, once that cero has made impact with the amor, it would be canceled out as though the armor had eaten it away. Though this depend's on the level of the opponent, if the opponent is powerful or on the same level of Saiyer he well only take half the damage. When bones is worn out, Saiyer's body shall start to shake, from pain and would require a lot of time to regenerate.

His weapon of choice is Ookami, a nodachi with an odd blunt tip in place of a sharp point. The sword is attached to a sheath on his back with a slot to allow him to draw the sword without straining his arm due to its long length. Saiyer repeatedly claims that despite its cursed nature, it is a weapon meant to destroy evil, hinting towards his own character. It currently possesses umatched durability as it can withstand the strength of it's wielder without breaking and can divert the strongest of energy based attacks. As for the orgin of this sword, it was said to be the remains of a great and powerful vasto lorde who, except for his bones and mask, had disappeared. For centuries it was buried by the sands of time only to be unburied again and later found by Saiyer. The bones were capable of withstanding the bombardment of time itself and reacts strangely to it's wielder's reiatsu, perhaps recognizing Saiyer as it's true master.  

Cero (虚閃 (セロ), sero; Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash", 'Doom Blast' in the Viz translation) is a highly powerful and relatively swift energy blast which can be fired from various body parts, such as the mouth, tongue, hand, or fingers. Only Menos, Arrancar, and Visored have used Cero attacks, and it appears stronger entities can use it more efficiently and forcefully. With the exception of a few Cero techniques and users, Cero requires some time to be used effectively, so the enemy must be not moving, busy with something else, or too badly wounded to even simply dodge it.

Garganta (黒腔 (ガルガンタ), garuganta; Spanish for "Throat", Japanese for "Black Cavity") is how Hollows and Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. Kaname Tōsen, Kisuke Urahara, and recently Mayuri Kurotsuchi have demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy which must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Negación (反膜 (ネガシオン), negashion; Spanish for "Negation", Japanese for "Counter-Membrane") fields are used to rescue fellow Hollows. Only the Gillian-class Menos have used it. Espada have a special cube-shaped device called Caja Negación (反膜の匪 (カハ・ネガシオン), kaha negashion; Spanish for "Negation Box", Japanese for "Anti-Membrane of Negation") (Caja de Negación in the English dub), meant to simulate Negación fields, which are used to trap and punish their subordinates if necessary.[37]

History: What has happened to your character up to the present day? This can all be made up, but needs to be realistic. 2 Paragraphs minimum here. This can be added to as you complete threads.
Grade: Once you have been given character grades, you can paste them into here.

Face Claims: Repeat as necessary
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Saiyer(Hollow) {WIP}
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