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 Jin Kiske (Bount, Working)

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PostSubject: Jin Kiske (Bount, Working)   Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:43 am


In the darkness of the wasteland,
... the vastness surrounds you
Saya, will you return to me?


It was Sanctuary...
... with no hope of ever escaping,
What remains is still more precious now.

Name: Jin Kiske
Age: 207, seemingly 24.
Gender: Male
Occupation: The King of Cuba
Organization: Abhī Guṛiyā - Still dolls


But from where you are
... you can see a thousand wolds below...
... a thousand different suns everyday...

Physical Appearance:


I can feel you near,
... helping me to see beyond the walls,
Please, strengthen my resolve.


He wears a custom uniform with a black, one-hundred percent cotton turtleneck and tight black leggings under a white Japanese-style garment with a black obi, white gloves, military boots, and a "jolting sapphire" colored jacket with a red lining, golden silk trim and very long, detached sleeves that seem more like capes at times. These cape like sleeves are actually titanium and Kin uses them for offense if the need be as well as defense.

He also carries a pocket watch that plays a tune when open and wound. This was given to him by his birth mother before she disappeared and hangs around his neck. Oddly enough, it is embedded with a cross.


For I... I must choose the path before me
As protector, sworn and true,
Steadfastly watching o'er the world,
Fate has death me the jokers and kings,
A hand I cannot refuse.
Ready to fight.
Forever... Alone

Personality: Explain how your characters acts and reacts to their surroundings, the people they are with and the things they do. What do they like and dislike? Do they have any goals or dreams? This must be at least 4 lines long and the more, the better.

Jin Kisaragi is a rather affectionate person towards those close to him and friendly as well. Choosing to be buddy buddy and rather strict of rules at the same time, some people believe him to be some what of an ass. He claims this is not his intention, and always tries to correct these mistakes. Jin's naive in this manner, never really taking notice of when he's gone to far and when someone lashes out he secludes himself in his mind. t these times, its hard to talk to him without him lashing out at others.

Jin is a man who is protective of his precious people. This protective nature of his borders on psychotic behavior and obsessive compulsive disorder. He will do far more than what is necessary to protect them, going as far as to absolutely slaughter those in his way that keep him from doing so. Its caused a great deal of pain to those around him in the past as well. Jin however, doesn't see the flaw in this behavior. He only sees them as threats that could harm his precious ones and instantly condemns them in his mind.

Jin's main problem is his Lust to repay any pain caused to those precious to him thousands of time full. He's always toying with an enemy on the verge of death, losing his sanity through the battle. Jin's become quite merciless to this extent as well. If you catch him in a terrible mood, there may just be hell to pay. He's easily enraged when his mood has already become fowl, and his words will be streams of curses and hatred. Its rather sad.

Another problem is Jin's temper. He can barely keep himself in check, let alone his emotions and they normally run rampant through the day. Not to say in a bad way, Jin simply has no tact with people at all and comes off as a plebeian rather often. His vocabulary is rather limited, and keeps a small pocket dictionary in the folds of his clothes due to not knowing words at times.

Jin however, has a bit of a problem admitting when he is wrong. He may deny it for long periods of time, but eventually realizes her was and comes back to apologize. He can be rather shy with this approach, but does eventually say it. Jin seems to also have a hard times expressing himself without seeming offensive or defensive to others. A normal conversation may seem defensive from the other persons view as Jin has had a rather harsh life up until WWII ended and didn't care for other's emotions.

Jin has a great affection for gaming. It brings him quite of pleasure to kill time with video games and normally that's what you'll see him doing. He loves the visual sense of adventure and battle, and actually takes his abilities from video games and practices until he can use them in similar  means. He's a bit of an addict too, becoming rather angered when people interrupt him to have him do something else.

Jin also loves to read genre's he likes. It doesn't really matter what it is as long as its interesting and the author writing knows how to keep someones interest. He enjoys long books and cycles more than novels, only due to the longer time it would take for him to read them. He prefers fantasy due to the wonders it can do to the mind, as well as straight romance and smut.

He's also a writer in his free time, choosing to write random little things and novels of smut. He's a bit of an amateur, but he's getting there. Currently the man spends his time on ther internet researching proper writing habits and reading fanfictions while downloading books. In particular, he finds writing Self Inserts rather entertaining.

Jin, like all others does have his fair share of activities he doesn't have any adoration for.

There are places I've been to
... but no one I know there
Ikaruga left its vicious mark

Bount Racial Abilities:

Soul Absorption: Bounts normally try to absorb the Human's soul after the person dies and is trying to pass on. But they are also capable of taking the souls of those who are living, to do so kills the Human.

Immortality: By absorbing Human souls, a Bount can live forever. When they absorb Human souls, they gain eternal life. This also gives them a more youthful appearance, especially for Jin. He stays in his younger twenties due to this.

Reishi Absorption: Bounts are able to adsorb Reishi and increase their power and healing factors in accordance to how much they absorb. This is especially hard to counter if a Bount is in a Reishi rich environment, much like Karakura Town. In such environments, a Bount within a mid class range can easily become a nearly impossible to kill target, as they rapidly heal gashes and deeps stabs in places such as Seireitei. In Hueco Mundo, they're virtually invincible as they can restore vital organs and limb in less than thirty seconds due to the massive abundance of Reishi that freely exists there. The brain is the only organ they cannot restore, as well as the stomach and heart.


I see legions of soldiers
... who've lost all sense of purpose
... While relentless danger pins them down

I must take a stand if
... there is to be another day
I must give them hope to believe


Yukianesa has the shape of a katana, but is a double edged sword and lacks a guard. The entire blade is  ice, and its power is manipulating the water, wind and ice around it, in locations around Jin. From crafting blades of water, to chilling said water to create ice attacks. Its rather masic, but when used in the proper manner.

The ice Yukianesa creates erodes all life, explaining why Jin seems to freeze everything for a short amount of time during his Astral Heat. "Yukianesa", "snow woman", is a Japanese fairy (more famously known as a "Yukionna"). Yukianesa controls the element of ice, wielding it with such efficiency that Kin is able to shape the ice that Yukianesa creates into different forms such as a series of blades and is able to propel himself on one large claymore of ice.

Yukianesa's voice is very low, and is heard as a whisper to Jin alone unless she is directly talking to another being. While Yukianesa has a humanistic appearance, she tend to stay as a sword in her core form. This is to allow her constant release of power, but also to control most of Jin's emotional state. Jin has a vast amount of hatred for Yukianesa, while she loves her master without fail but makes him succumb to her will often. Jin has yet to completely block her from his mind.

Everything that's passed
... and all before me now
... leads to what I've become...


For I... I must choose the path before me
As protector, sworn and true,
Steadfastly watching o'er the world,
Fate has death me the jokers and kings,
A hand I cannot refuse.
Ready to fight.
Forever... Alone

Doll Powers: What abilities and powers do they dolls have/grant you?


Ice Element:




Wind Manipulation

Water Manipulation

Join with me today,
We can make a difference to the world,
... to People in the streets everywhere


Who I am has become a mystery...
But what I do will live on as legendary.

Ice Swords –  When casting Ice Swords, Jin collects water in the atmosphere or uses Yukianesa to craft one to three three claymores of ice. With a snap of his fingers, they fly at the target on a one way course with their current location as they're fired. Due to this, they typically miss if one is evasive and/or has such an agility skill level that they move just inches out of the path. The Ice Swords can be crafted at a near endless rate due to how little energy it takes to make them. But, there is a time delay between each cast of ten to fifteen seconds. The blades are sharp, but not built to last. This leads them to be broken when knocked down or away by a weapon of metal or stronger. Upon impact with a solid surface, the blades shatter into razor sharp shards. Jin may form anywhere from one to a three blades in a single cast, leaving his targets to dodge swiftly or be hit.

This ability is rather limited, but may expand in power the more it is used.

Ice Car --


When we fight as one
there exists no foe we can't defeat.
Come take up the cause and fight

History: What has happened to your character up to the present day? This can all be made up, but needs to be realistic. 2 Paragraphs minimum here. This can be added to as you complete threads.


Fight beside Jin Kisaragi...
The protector, sworn and true,
Steadfastly watching o'er the world.
Strong within the hand of fate
Our Honor WILL prevail
Destined to fight...
Forever as one....

Grade: Once you have been given character grades, you can paste them into here.

Face Claims: Repeat as necessary
BlazBlue - Jin Kisaragi - Jin - Jin Kisaragi
Guilty Gear(Franchise) - Ky Kiske - Jin - Jin Kisaragi

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PostSubject: Re: Jin Kiske (Bount, Working)   Fri Jul 05, 2013 7:43 pm


"I was thinking on it and remembered Kuroshitsuji then thought on the Titanic and I'm going from there. So I got the idea that he escape that certain death by jumping onto the ice berg and crafted his doll from the iceberg itself. So after creating her, he used her power and his own to freeze the water so he could walk on it all the way back to shore. He could of easily prepared since with what I'm doing he was a member of the crew and heard about it. He would began to prepare food and things for his journey home.

Though, I'm not sure what crew member he would be to have that information. So I'm researching Higher Ranked officials from the event and known survivors to possibly find someone fitting what I'm after. I can fit him into a place then if the Chain of Command position is high enough.

en wikipedia org/wiki/William_McMaster_Murdoch

Maybe that's what happened."


Since Ran Tao's thingy isn't clear cut on a date, I'm assuming here the Bounts could be around 250-300 years old. The case here being that there are few known to the world and Jin keeps it hidden rather will if he's survived this long. Due to the titanic, he's at least a hundred, so I'm slapping him to 250 or so. Going to ask Chao on this. He was WWI and WWII soldier, since I can get WWII first hand information from my grandfather.

Concerning events, I think after the wars he lives rather peacefully until becoming tired of it and attending college's for multiple degree's as he does not age. Its noted that he attends more than the average amount of classes and is not eating souls while he attends. This allows him to age naturally so he can devour souls later to regain his youthful appearance.


How large was the iceberg that sank the Titanic?

The exact size of the iceberg will probably never be known, but according to early newspaper reports the height and length of the iceberg was approximated at 50 to 100 feet high and 200 to 400 feet long.
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Jin Kiske (Bount, Working)
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