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Name: Yoruichi Shihōin
Age: 3000+
Gender: Female
Organisation: Do they work for or are at all affiliated with any organisation?

Physical Appearance: Describe the characters physical body. This includes hair, height, weight, eye colour, face etc This must be at least 5 lines long.

Clothing: Describe the clothes the character likes to wear. You can be as descriptive as you want, but make sure you describe the entirety of at least one set of clothing.

Yoruichi's entire mentally as a person stems from her favorite type of animal, cats, or more broadly, felines.

Straight Forward

Racial Abilities:

  •    Longevity: Shinigami do not visibly age at the same rate as Humans and tend to maintain a youthful appearance for centuries. Shinigami can live for much longer than Humans, with some Shinigami, such as Retsu Unohana, being over 1,000 years old and Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto being at least 2,100 years old.

  •    Enhanced Durability: While Shinigami can be injured and "die" like regular Humans, it takes considerably greater injuries to kill a Shinigami than it would to kill Humans. Decapitation is the only guaranteed method of killing a Shinigami.

  •    Reiryoku: Shinigami naturally possess high levels of Spiritual Power, which varies greatly in magnitude with the strength of a Shinigami. The more power a Shinigami has, the sharper their movements will be. A consequence of having Spiritual Power is that unlike powerless spirits, Shinigami need to eat.

  •    Zanpakutō: A Shinigami weapon, its shape is typically similar to a Japanese katana. Low ranking officers are issued an Asauchi sword, but high-ranking officers arm themselves with unique swords generated from their own souls. A Zanpakutō is a physical manifestation of this force concentrated into a blade.[17] All Shinigami have a Zanpakutō, but not all of them carry one with them. Its shape differs depending on its owner.

  • Speed: In over three thousand years there has yet to be anyone who has been capable of matching Yoruichi's most distinguishing combat trait: her speed. Her natural speed is great enough that even when faced with others using Shunpo against her she can best them with it alone. When using Shunpo herself she displays even further greatest feats, being superior to even the most experienced of captains within the Gotei 13. All of this has earned her the title of "Flash Goddess" (瞬神, shunshin; "Flash Master" in the English version)

Sealed State: What does the Shinigami's Zanpakuto look like when Sealed?
Sealed Abilities: What abilities can you take advantage of whilst in sealed state?

Shikai Name: What is your Shikai called?
Release Phrase: What do you say to release your Shikai?
Release Actions: What do you do to release your Shikai?
Shikai Appearance: What does your Shikai look like?
Shikai Abilities: What abilities can you use in this form?

Bankai Name: What is your Bankai called?
Bankai Release Actions: What do you do to release your Bankai?
Bankai Appearance: What does your Bankai look like?
Bankai Abilities: What abilities can you use in this form?

Shikai Spirit Appearance: What does your Zanpakuto Spirit look like when you are in Shikai?
Bankai Spirit Appearance: What does your Zanpakuto Spirit look like when you are in Bankai?

Inner Shikai World: What does your inner world look like in Shikai?
Inner Bankai World: What does your inner world look like in Bankai?

History: What has happened to your character up to the present day? This can all be made up, but needs to be realistic. 2 Paragraphs minimum here. This can be added to as you complete threads.

Grade: Once you have been given character grades, you can paste them into here.

Face Claims:
Bleach - Yoruichi Shihōin - Marik Swift - Yoruichi Shihōin
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Yoruichi Shihōin
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