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 Vizard Group WIP [need approval for leader first]

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PostSubject: Vizard Group WIP [need approval for leader first]   Sun Jul 07, 2013 2:08 am

Group Name: Vizard Guild
Group Leader: Aymion Guildenn
Requirements:To be a vizard and Adopt the Guildenn name.
Affiliations: Nope, but they're probably familiar with other Vizard groups.
Goals: To simply accept stray Vizards that have been abandoned or otherwise alone.
History: They were originally a group of Vizards that were hidden among Soul Society that left after it was revealed that Aymion Guildenn was not simply a Shinigami. They existed before the Vizard Group of the Bleach Timeline, but are far less informed, as they are mostly clueless. They are far more isolated from the rest of basically any form of civilisation. They are entirely self-dependent, and are generally extremely laid back.


First Command: The of the Viz Guild will forever be Aymion Guildenn. There is an alternative title for the leader of the Guildenns if Aymion was to be... no longer a part of the Viz Guild

Primary Command: The leader of the Guildenns if Aymion was 'gone'. This requires high prestige, being known to each and every Guildenn. The requirements for this position also requires one to be the current strongest of the Vizard Guild. You must possess a lot of wisdom, so basically, you have to be a couple hundred years old. There May be exceptions. Again, this position is only available if Aymion was no longer with the Viz Guild.

Second-in Command: Basically the vice-captain to the Primary/First command. Usually, the second in command will inherit the Primary command.

Primordial Command: This position is the only other position on par with Primary Command. It is also higher than Second in Command and would generally be the internal affairs commander of the Guild. The Primordial Commander sweats the small stuff a lot. The Primordial Commander usually stays at his position, even if Aymion were to leave. The Primordial Command position is the only other position that is permanent until they leave entirely, whether it's from leaving the Viz Guild, or dying :/

As the Vizard Guild is relatively small, there aren't that many positions. If the Guild was to grow, obviously, the positions would too.
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Vizard Group WIP [need approval for leader first]
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