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 Cbox Rules

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PostSubject: Cbox Rules   Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:44 am

Cbox Rules

The chat box is the main communication hub for every member on the forum. This means everybody needs to take good care of it and monitor what is happening. Anybody creating drama, spreading lies, insults, or anything to break the peace will be dealt with appropriately.


Oddly enough, we don't really need to listen to people moaning about how 'this isn't fair' or 'this isn't right' without any good reason because we will not tolerate it. People that come on to start arguments, create drama and hurt people will suffer punishment. if you have a personal problem then take it to skype, msn or somewhere where people are more likely to listen.


Please, please try to not spam useless crap on the cbox. We don't need to see your library of smileys, pictures or whatever. it's not smart, it's not attractive but it is a reason to get banned. So be careful.

Switching Avatars

Now we all like a change of pace sometimes. We also sometimes can;t decide on an avatar. However, please stick with an Avatar for at least a week or something. This isn't an enforced rule but it will stop me and many others from pulling their hair out.

Cbox Usernames

Your cbox username MUST be the same as your forum name. Reason? So we know who you are. If you change name every day, then we will quickly lose track of who you are even if you tell everyone. Stop changing things and make a decision. This is more enforced than Avatars.

Listen to Others

Make sure you listen. nothing feels more discerning when people ignore one another. Especially when it comes to staff telling you to do things. Ignoring staff comments will get you nowhere and even if you don't understand it, they are trying to help.

Limit your Dickwaving

Seriously, if your the kind of guy that likes to tell the world why your characters are so great and how they can never be defeated then expect us to come along and kick your characters face through several walls. Dick waving is pretty much another term for boasting. Nobody really likes the people that boast. It makes you feel incompetent and inferior. Sometimes though it isn't easy to realise your'e doing it so we will give some lee-way. However, do it too often and will will have a problem.
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Cbox Rules
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