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 Avacyn Yoshiko [Arrancar, WIP]

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PostSubject: Avacyn Yoshiko [Arrancar, WIP]   Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:45 pm

"What would it take for things to be quiet..?"

Name: Avacyn Yoshiko
Alias: The Wicked Bitch of the North
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Japanese Native
Languages Spoken: Japanese, English.
Orientation: Bi, with a strong Lesbian lean.
True Age: 900 years old
D.O.B: June 29th, 155
Zodiac: Cancer
Blood Type: A Positive
Organisation: The Espada

Physical Appearance:

(Some images may be NSFW, continue at your own risk)

Appearance Age: Either late teens or late twenties, depending on one's definition of the appearance of those age ranges.
Height: 5'4'
Weight: 132 lbs
Eye Color: Bright red
Aura Color: Deep Purple

Clothing: Describe the clothes the character likes to wear. You can be as descriptive as you want, but make sure you describe the entirety of at least one set of clothing.
Hollow Hole: Where on their body is their Hollow Hole located?
Bone Appearance: What part of their body is armoured in bone? Think, Grimmjows Jaw


People who don't really know Momiji that well would call her a "bitch".  People who know her REALLY well would call her that too.  

Momiji rarely shows any outward affection for anyone besides herself.  She tends to treat people as if they were lesser than her own person, and constantly abuse those around her who show any signs of weakness whatsoever.  If you stutter, she'll stop talking to you.  If you act subservant, she'll treat you like a slave.  If you trip, she'll walk over you.  She sees those who are weak as "not worth her time", and will refuse to talk to anyone who doesn't meet a certain standard of strength in spirit, body, and mind.

She isn't afraid to speak her mind, and can be loud and vulgar about it at times, too.  She's managed to piss off nearly every random stranger who has ever crossed her path, and she isn't afraid to make a scene in public if it's over something she's passionate about.  

Momiji can also come across as unsympathetic and mean-spirited, mainly because of her biting sense of sarcasm, and oftentimes dark and depraved sense of humor, along with her lack of a filter when it comes to the things she says relating to other people.  She can tend to make some pretty nasty observations, when she wants to.

However, the entirety of this tough-gal persona is mainly reserved for men, and for good reason too.

Momiji has an inherent distrust of men, stemming from her belief that men favor themselves too much.  She doesn't have a "feminist agenda", so to speak, as she doesn't believe that SOCIETY treats men as higher.  She simply believes that men treat THEMSELVES as too high, and so she keeps the general attitude that they are, in fact, much LOWER than her.  This, along with her general meanness, are her wall; her guard against letting people in.

Truthfully, Momiji can be extremely caring, and endearingly loyal.  The problem is, she doesn't think she's worth anyone's effort to try and get close to her, and she believes that she isn't good enough to be considered special by anyone.  Out of her hard-as-nails facade, she is extremely shy and lonely, mostly just wishing for someone who can see through the wall and fight to break through it.  But she hasn't found anyone that has come even close yet, and doubts she ever will.

Momiji is slightly oblivious when it comes to sexuality.  She can come across as a bit of a cocktease sometimes, because she doesn't recognize that certain poses, outfits, or actions can be "inappropriate" or "leave little to the imagination".  She doesn't see her own body as a sexual object, and doesn't know how anyone else could.  Innuendos tend to fly right over her head, as do euphemisms, and she's a tad gullible and naive when it comes to the intent of others.  If someone DOES touch her, or stares for too long, she gets more confused and nervous than anything, not really understanding what they think is so great.

Racial Abilities: What abilities do you gain from being an Arrancar?

Sealed State: What does the Arrancars Zanpakuto look like when Sealed?
Sealed Abilities: What abilities can you take advantage of whilst in sealed state?

Resserecion Name: What is your resserecion called?
Release Phrase: What do you say to release your resserecion?
Release Actions: What do you do to release your resserecion
Resserecion Appearance: What does your resserecion look like?
Resserecion Abilities: What abilities can you use in this form?

Segunda Etapa Release Actions: What do you do to release your Segunda Etapa?
Segunda Etapa Appearance: What does your segunda Etapa look like?
Segunda Etapa Abilities: What abilities can you use in this form?

History: What has happened to your character up to the present day? This can all be made up, but needs to be realistic. 2 Paragraphs minimum here. This can be added to as you complete threads.
Grade: Once you have been given character grades, you can paste them into here.

Face Claims: Repeat as necessary
Where they are from - Their name - Who uses it - Who is it used for?

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Avacyn Yoshiko [Arrancar, WIP]
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